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RE/MAX Success is a Premiere Real Estate Company in the heart of Potomac..If you are serious about growing your Real Estate Business, we want to help you have more Success!

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What You Get!

We Help Your Business Grow at RE/MAX Success!


1.   Lead Referral Program   RE/MAX Success generates leads for our office with our own state of the art lead generation platform. We employ Inside Sales Agents who provide a concierge service. The success of this lead program is the immediate follow up on leads. Once the Lead is ready to go it is then referred to a RE/MAX Success Agent. 


2.   CRM (Contact Relationship ManagerPlatform   Free when you join to assist with follow-up on the leads. The platform is fantastic because it has auto email drip campaigns to save Agents time and a better opportunity for conversion.


3.   Lead Generation Website We provide our Agents with their own Lead Generation website to generate more business for our Agents. With no extra cost.


4.   Lead Street   Fee Free Leads offered by RE/MAX. Lead Street Leads may be imported into our in- house CRM to help with conversion.


5.  RE/MAX Agent Website RE/MAX provides each Agent with their own website so you can get more leads through RE/MAX.


6.  Marketing   Our Brokerage offers Marketing automation so you can focus on getting business. Our automation helps you get your marketing done fast and professionally.


7.   Positive office attitude and healthy environment in the office   Our Agents are producing/experienced Agents that are open to sharing their experiences & ideas with others so together we can each achieve SUCCESS!   


8.  Strong Leadership   Experienced Broker/Owners with a successful track record to help support you with problem solving.


9.  Our Own Workflow Management System   Our paperless transaction system is not only a paperless compliant document system but it also is our Office intranet. Transactions can be shared securely and it helps the Agent with their workflow. It even has an App for your mobile device.


10.  Transaction Support   Our Office Administrator assists with the Transaction process. We have streamlined our process to make it easy for our Agents. Our goal is to help you focus on what you do best SELL! 


11.  #1 Name Brand Awareness   Become a member of RE/MAX and you receive access to: RE/MAX Mainstreet, Design Center, RE/MAX University (online courses), Single Page Agent Websites and much more. RE/MAX believes you are in business for yourself but not by yourself so they provide many tools.


12.  Location   Great location in the heart of Potomac. Free Parking & easy 24/7 access. Great visibility.


13. Training RE/MAX University is a great resource for certifications & CE classes. We offer in house training classes too in our NEW Training Room with awesome technology!


And so much more!

RE/MAX Success Lead Program

RE/MAX Success provides our very unique Lead Program for its agents

 Here's how it works: 

The Inside Sales Agents (ISA) call the leads and gauge timing and motivation using a proprietary tested script. The ISA then either sets an appointment for an agent (ready to go Buyers and Sellers) or continues to follow up until the lead is ready to move. The ISA determines their timing in months and categorizes, tags and follows-up with them by our custom CRM software.

Just a few quick facts about our system and program:

  • Agents sell on average 2 to 6 sales per year on this program.
  • Our lead program leads are greeted by our Concierge service for better conversion.
  • Leads do not fall through the cracks because of our custom CRM dashboard which offers automated drip campaigns via emails & texting with the ocassional phone call follow-up.
  • Agents get their very own front end and back end dashboard to manage their leads.
  • ISA determines motivation and timing of many prospects for faster turn around.
  • Tips, Tricks and best practice mastermind meetings on lead conversion.
  • Lead Program Coaching on a monthly basis to set our Agents up for Success.
  • Over $30,000 worth of tools, systems and training to help agents become extremely successful!

Our Agents have a few things to say about the program: 

"Immediately after I joined RE/MAX Success I started receiving Leads & Referrals; because of the Lead Platform and what the Owners have provided I have closed an additional $1.8 million [$46,000] in business on top of my business. I view this as it pays for my monthly investment to the company. So its like being at RE/MAX Success for FREE!"

Jeanne Koerber, Agent at RE/MAX Success

"I received a lead right after I started with RE/MAX Success, I was able to convert the Buyer very fast and it closed in 30 days. Its a great extra benefit to get Leads from my Broker. Its a win-win for both RE/MAX Success and me."

Lee Stillwell, Agent at RE/MAX Success




FREE Tools We Provide!

TOOLS FOR THE JOB! (sneak peak, these are just a few we provide)

1.   FREE Lead Generation Website provided by RE/MAX Success

2.   FREE State of the art Lead Platform

3.   FREE Client Relationship Manager (CRM)

4.   FREE Automated Listing Marketing prepared & ready to print 

5.   FREE Listing Syndication (nearly 900 sites & 400 newspapers)

6.   FREE Ready to print marketing materials that are customizeable

7.   FREE Workflow Management System

8.   FREE Mobile App

9.  FREE Transaction Support

10.  FREE RE/MAX Success Business Card

11.  FREE Broker Support

12.  FREE Parking


Compensation Plans

At RE/MAX Success we have compensation plans for everyone. 

To learn more please contact RE/MAX Success.

RE/MAX Success has compensation plans with a low Monthly Fee or no monthly Fee based on an Agent's Track record.

Ask us about our:

  • Spouse* plan

  • Competitive Team* plan

  *Certain Conditions apply

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Meet The RE/MAX Success Owners!


Claire Crawford & John P.R. Lee


Claire & John have over 28 years of real estate sales, marketing and management experience with extensive knowledge of the Montgomery County, MD area. They have been top producing real estate agents throughout their real estate careers. They started their careers at a traditional real estate brokerage shortly realizing it was not a good fit for their growth. Then they made the Leap to a hybrid real estate brokerage which helped them learn, grow and brand themselves as the Crawford & Lee Team to the point they wanted to experience their own Brokerage. In August of 2010 they started Crawford & Lee Residential Real Estate. During this time they had some of the best years in Real Estate Sales. Together Claire & John have successfully closed more than $300 Million in Residential Real Estate and over 517 homes sold. John is continuing to sell and build his team while Claire is managing & growing RE/MAX Success.


As true Partners they wanted to continue to grow and the opportunity to become RE/MAX owners was very exciting. When presented with the option of their location in Potomac it was a perfect match. Both Claire & John grew up in Potomac and went to Winston Churchill High School. They felt they were coming back to their roots. RE/MAX Success opened its doors on February 15, 2015.


The vision for RE/MAX Success is to Inspire and Support their Agents so they can work less and earn more by providing systems, tools & support. Lead Generation is absolutely critical to all Agents success. John Lee has been an Entrepreneur for many years and much of Claire & Johns success has been Johns ability to be the rainmaker. John is a great mentor/trainer and offers great hands on advice to the Agents. Since Lead Generation is at the core of the Real Agents Business, Claire & John wanted to provide a Lead Generation System and much more to their Agents. They are committed to making their company a complete success!

How does your Company Compare to RE/MAX Success?

We have many plans for various levels of production. We have offices available for the Agent that needs to work at the office on a regular basis versus the home based Agent. If you are curious, contact us for more info!


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